Aircon Servicing

Most homes and businesses in Singapore rely on air conditioners to stay cool throughout the year. Aircons are stressed and switched on for long periods of time, thus there is a need for regular aircon servicing in Singapore to avoid unexpected aircon breakdowns.

Aircon servicing needs to be done by seasoned professionals because of the technical nature of air conditioners. If your aircon service is not done by a reputable company, you may end up losing your money and your air conditioner.

How often should you do aircon servicing?
If your aircon is used every day, you should endeavor to engage a good aircon servicing company at least every two months. However, if your aircon doesn’t work so much, quarterly servicing will be enough to keep it in good shape.

aircon singapore should also be done whenever you notice your ac making strange noises or not cooling as usual. These are common indicators that it is due for servicing.

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